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Clarent Crakehall is the second son of Lord Lyle Crakehall and brother of Eon Crakehall. He is known to be a troublesome man and envious of his brother's achievements.


Sometime between the Second Greyjoy Rebellion and the First Era, an unnamed bandit group compiled of criminals, deserters, and murderers terrorized the southern Westerlands during a period of instability after Lord Tyrius Lannister's death.

After a visit to Casterly Rock for an unknown reason, Clarent was tasked with escorting his young sister, Shiera Crakehall, safely back to Crakehall. Instead, he left her in the care of ten guards and journeyed afar to hunt boar. This indirectly caused her death, as the bandits attempted to take her as a hostage but accidentally killed the sickly child.

Clarent's role in the death of his sister was kept secret from the rest of the family by Lyle Crakehall to protect his son. However, it is known that Lyle harboured blame and anger towards Clarent, and the two never had a healthy relationship thereafter.

Recent History

Fourth Era

Clarent participated in the capture of Red Lake during the War of the False King.

Fifth Era

In a drunken rage, Clarent shot his father through the neck with a crossbow bolt inside Lyle's tent sometime after the War of the False King. Clarent had caused the death of Shiera Crakehall and his father had never forgiven him.

After a period of time, Clarent was captured and Eon ordered his execution after some painful deliberation.

Family Members

Lyle Crakehall, father (deceased)

Eon Crakehall, brother

Shiera Crakehall, sister (deceased)

Tybolt Crakehall, brother

Jocelyn Crakehall, mother

Raynald Crakehall, uncle

Amarei Crakehall, wife