Corenna Dondarrion

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Corenna Dondarrion is a member of House Dondarrion  and is the second child of Lord Uthor of Blackhaven. She is highly prized by her father, though her involvement in the Stormlands civil war and her affair with Ser Arstan Selmy have made her lose her father's trust. 

Important Events

Eighth Era

Following the murder of her older brother Durran, Corenna conspired with Lord Daven Seaworth to abduct her brother's killer, Alyn Connington. While her father was away from Blackhaven, Corenna had Alyn seized on the road and brought back to the Blackhaven dungeons, where she held him until her father's returning, keeping Alyn in miserable conditions. Disgusted with her daughter's clandestine, unlawful actions, Uthor removed her from his council immediately after executing Alyn Connington, blaming her for escalating the conflict in the Stormlands.


She handled each and every lord and lady who approached with ease, laughing politely when it was warranted and placing a friendly hand on the forearm just when it would have the most effect. Willas had seen the most intricate royal courtly behavior, and even among them, she would have been impressive. Willas Estermont

She was beautiful, yes-- dressed all in black, with her matching hair tousled by the afternoon wind. But yet she was fierce, her face as unforgiving as her father’s, her blue eyes piercing and her voice strong, her words articulate and carefully chosen. Had she been born a boy, Orys doubted Uthor would have missed Durran very much at all. Orys Connington

There were no scars upon her body, no markings to show the blows that had fallen on her when she spoke out of turn. Her bones no longer protruded to show her withheld meals when she had started to become "too fat for a favorable husband." When people looked at her, they saw well-tended beauty and graceful cunning-- those were her wounds as much as they were her virtues. They were reminders of pain more than badges of honor. Corenna Dondarrion

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