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Corliss Caron is the Lord of Nightsong and the nephew of Varyo Velaryon. He is known for his skill with the harp and has a propensity for whoring.


Corliss' father Bryce Caron named in honor of Corlys Velaryon. Corliss favored his father much more than his mother, and it was obvious due to the little respect he showed her, although appearance and personality wise he resembles his mother more.

During his childhood, he was a rebel and had a strong dislike for Maeron Storm, more skilled in fighting than he was. After Maeron saved him, the two became inseparable.

Corliss squired under Lord Aemon Estermont of Greenstone as a boy, though he had more skill with the harp than the sword.

When he was 16, Corliss had fallen in love with a whore, Bella, whom he frequented. At some point Bella became pregnant with his child and ended the relationship with him, informing him that their relationship meant nothing and it was only work. The end of the relationship was a serious trauma for him, which in addition to his father's death fueled his whoring ways.

Recent History

First Era

Lord Corliss was in attendance at the Council on Bloodstone.

Fourth Era

Corliss' mother, Alys Caron, arranged a betrothal for him with Lady Rhaenyra Celtigar. The Carons set off towards Claw Isle but the wedding had to wait as Corliss had to remain in Storm's End for the War Council called by Orys Connington. During his stay he met Lewys Penrose, whom he started a lasting rivalry with. After the war council was over, Orys got Corliss to accept to marry his daughter Cassana Connington, breaking the betrothal with Rhaenyra.

Fifth Era

At the Queen's Feast, Corliss met Rhaenyra Celtigar and told her of the breaking of the betrothal, but they all the same spent the night together. Before Rhaenyra Corliss had a quick affair with Starling Waters.

Along his sister Rhaenys, he discovered the existence of his father's bastard, Edric Waters.

He along side Orys Connington with the joined forces of the Stormlands lead a siege on Nightsong after finding out that the keep had been taken over by Lord Bael Ashford with help from Lord Foote. They attended to give the lordship to Corliss' half-brother, Maeron Storm. The siege ended with Corliss taking Ashford's life, however Maeron managed to escape.

Sixth Era

Attended the Queen's Ball alongside his wife, Cassana. After seeing Ser Alyn Florent asking his younger sister to dance, he purposefully spills wine on the man. Corliss then gives him a shirt to replace the soiled one which was really a woman's chemise, earning him the wrath of his younger sister.


"'Corliss would make a better bard than a soldier,' Damon had said of the man when he visited the Rock as a squire to their uncle Aemon Estermont years ago. Her brother had made it seem as if there were nothing worse than that, but Ashara had enjoyed listening to the lord play the high harp." - Blood and Whispers (Chapter Two)

"Lord of Harp Songs." - Damon Lannister describing Corliss to Aeslyn Targaryen in Blood and Whispers (Chapter Five)

"Lord Corliss was always crying as an infant, milady, and even as a child he was never still. Nightsong has never been silent after he was born" - Maester Henly recalling the past