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Cortland Darry is Lord of Darry. 


Cortland Darry was born the only son of three children to Lord Tristan Darry and Lady Ava Darry (formally Lady Ava Roote). Cortland spent his youth shunning the practice yards and spent his time in Darry’s small but well equipped library. He loved military tactics and history, and soon took up his families love for the Targaryens, believing them and them alone to be the true rulers of Westeros.

Tristan Darry had been a believer in the Seven but Cortland had never been a strong follower. Looking through histories, Cortland saw only one true god - the sword. He lost all faith when his youngest sister, Lisa Darry, was raped and killed at the age of  two and ten by outlaws while traveling from Lord Harroway’s town to Castle Darry. House Roote had chosen not to give Lisa Darry and her entourage a guard detail, believing the roads to be safe. Cortland has held a grudge against House Roote ever since. Cortland keeps up an act of worshiping the Seven but is a non-believer at heart.

The death of his sister caused Cortland to take a dark turn. Prone to dark tempers and brutal acts Cortland promised himself he would make House Darry great again and restore the Riverlands to peace and prosperity, so as to shake off the shame of being a line of “Bastard Darrys.”

Cortland Darry currently resides at Castle Darry at the age of five and thirty.  His Father, Tristan Darry, has just passed away from an infection, leaving Cortland as Lord. 

Important Events

Third Era

Cortland participated in the meeting of Riverlords at a feast held by Brynden Frey and pledged to support his claim of Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. He also agreed to help Ser Raynald Bracken murder his brother Walder Bracken.

After losing the archery event to a Vale bastard at the Tournament of the Hand, Cortland murdered three smallfolk children in a fit of rage. He lost his right eye to one of the children striking back.



Tristan Darry, father (deceased)

Madeline Darry, sister

Lisa Darry, siter (deceased)