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The Council on Bloodstone was held by Varyo Velaryon in the year 500 to gather support for the claim of Aerion Blackfyre. Velaryon managed to convince many lords, assembled in absolute secrecy, to overthrow King Harys Baratheon. Many notable lords backed Aerion's claim, most notably Loren Lannister, Lord paramount of the Westerlands, and Gylen Hightower of Oldtown. Together the lords and the commanders of the Golden Company made plans to usurp the throne through rebellion.

Loren Lannister secretly conspired with Varyo at this same council to plave Loren's own son Damon on the throne once King's Landing was taken, leading to the War of the Ascent of the Lion.

Lords who Attended

Loren Lannister

Gylen Hightower

Robert Manderly

Corliss Caron