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Cregan Reed is a Crannogmen of the North, Lord of House Reed and Greywater Watch. He is around 35 years old. He wed Elaena Greengood in 492.


Cregan has been lord of Greywater Watch ever since his father passed during the Bolton Uprising. A loyal vassal to House Stark, Cregan has raised his banners when necessary, but has more or less maintained peace and stability in the Neck.

He was wed to Elaena of House Greengood, a match made more for love than politics, and together they had three children. A son, Beron, who is more interested in adventuring in the swamp than learning to be a lord, and a daughter, Lyra, who is beginning to exhibit greendreams. His wife died giving birth to their third child, Torrhen.


"My family owes your father a great debt. My brother has never lost sight of that." - Eyron Reed speaking to Jojen Stark

Elinor was beginning to feel more and more at home. It was all just as she remembered it so far. All that was missing was her eldest brother, Cregan; she was not certain if she wanted him to be just as she remembered him or not. - Thoughts of Elinor Moss

"My father took pride in many things during his time, but if I'm honest with myself, Lord Cregan, I think he took his most pride in you. He guided you properly to lordship not only as your liege, but a father as well. I feel he'd be proud I'm finally here, seeing Greywater as he saw it all those years ago." Jojen Stark

Family Members

Theomore Reed - Father (Deceased)

Eyron Reed - Brother

Elaena Greengood - Wife

Beron Reed - Son

Lyra Reed - Daughter

Torrhen Reed - Son