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Criston Wylde was a member of House Wylde, and was heir to Rain House before his death. He was the eldest son of Lord Quentyn Wylde and his wife, Tyana Bolling, and the older brother of Barristan and Armond.


Born in 465 AC, Criston was the heir to Rain House upon his birth. He was raised in both lordly and martial duties, and excelled in both. Upon becoming a knight, he took on his youngest brother, Armond, as his squire.

In the early months of 490 AC talks were begun for a betrothal and marriage for Criston, however he contracted redspots at the age of 25 and died from the illness, causing his brother Barristan to return from the Citadel and assume his position as heir to Rain House.

Criston is remembered by his brothers as a kind young man, never too busy or important to set aside time for his little brothers, or to take walks with their mother.