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Cyrenna Plumm is the wife of Lord Ossifer Plumm and the mother of Joanna Plumm.


Cyrenna served as a handmaiden to Jeyne Lannister during her girlhood. She is noted as never having been warm to the Lannisters, stemming from some event in her past. It is said that she had tried to undermine House Lannister at every chance she got.

Recent History

Fifth Era

Lady Cyrenna Plumm convinced King Damon Lannister to grant Joanna Plumm the position of handmaiden to Queen Danae Targaryen.


"Lady Cyrenna is a bitter old hag, and her husband is even worse." - Lady Jeyne Lannister speaking to Queen Danae Targaryen

"You can’t trust any of these women. They’re all spineless snakes who would sink their fangs into your ankle if they thought it would get them half a rung higher on the ladder." - Lady Jeyne Lannister speaking to Queen Danae Targaryen

Family Members

Ossifer Plumm, husband

Joanna Plumm, daughter

Philip Plumm, firstborn son

Edmyn Plumm, second son