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Dacey Mormont is the Lady of House Mormont. She wields Longclaw, the ancestral Mormont Valyrian steel bastard sword.


She is the middle child of Jaxon Mormont and Lyra Harclay of House Harclay, a northern mountain clan. Like all women on Bear Island Dacey was trained in the use of weapons and armor. This training grew to the passion to which Dacey has devoted her life. She fiercely leads her father’s troops in attacks against wilding raids and plans for the day that she will be called to lead men into battle. Dacey’s eldest brother Jeor Mormont and his wife Lysa Hornwood of House Hornwood were killed by wildlings in a surprise raid, leaving behind their two young boys Rickard Mormont and Robett Mormont. Dacey’s only remaining sibling, Brandon Mormont, left Bear Island to travel to King’s Landing and offer himself as a member of the Kingsguard. The family has not heard from Brandon since he left Bear Island. When Brandon left to live in the south and serve the new Lannister king this left Dacey in position to inherit rule upon the death of her parents and until Rickard comes of age. While extremely loyal to her house and to the north, Dacey is often looking to the world around her and the opportunities for adventure and glory in battle that the world may bring.

Dacey is loud and rambunctious. She is quick to make friends with people of all shapes and sizes. She enjoys hunting, fighting, and drinking with the soldiers of her house. While not especially educated, Dacey is quick-minded in battle and strategic in a fight. Not one to lie in wait for an enemy, Dacey fights aggressively and offensively. Her weapon of choice is a spiked mace. She is skilled with a sword but terrible with a bow. She is a devout worshipper of the Old Gods.