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Ser Daelys Velaryon was a member of King Harys Baratheon's kingsguard, who later swore fealty to Aeslyn Targaryen after his bastard brother sacked Kings Landing. He is currently in Lys, leading a new Knightly Order.


Daelys was a child fascinated and consumed with the stories and tales of knights of brave and true chivalry. His height and strength made him skilled with both longsword and greatsword, he is considered by Ryman Sunglass as the greatest knight he ever trained. Daelys was knighted at the age of sixteen by his uncle Ser Lyn Velaryon, for showing honour and valour in the defense of their party from an attack of bandits. He vowed to be a knight, brave and true, like those in the tales of old. Daelys was far better suited to the art of swordplay than to that of lordly duties and so decided to swear his sword to the King Harys as a member of his royal Kingsguard, leaving the rule and Lordship of Driftmark to his younger brother, Alyn Velaryon.

Recent History

First Era

After the Sack of King's Landing and the King's death, Ser Daelys swore to serve lady Aeslyn Targaryen as a knight of her Queensguard. 

Second Era

After the Queen's trial, Ser Daelys helped her escape to Braavos, where she bore two children before dying. He attempted to save them, but the babes were taken by Myrios Nestoros and Daelys was taken into the custody of the Sealord, spending a great many months in the dungeons of Braavos.

Eventually Daelys was released. Weighed down by the anguish of his failure, and haunted by prophetic dreams, he became a loathsome and pitiful drunk living between whorehouses around the docks of Braavos.

Third Era

Driven by nightmares, Daelys made his way to Lys. He stopped drinking and disguised himself as a whore. He won a melee held for his brother's nameday, whereupon Varyo Velaryon recognised him and welcomed him in as a sworn sword.

Fourth Era

Daelys' nightmares became worse, and he secluded himself in Lys' new Septry, becoming a patron of the Alchemist's Guild for their help with his seemingly mystic dreams. As his mental state improved, he began to take up the task of training some of the orphan boys in the Septry and to spar with some of the other Westerosi Knights who had taken up residence. Lyaan fearful of harm coming to her family requested that he form a guard from these exiles.

Fifth Era

Daelys welcomed back Varyo from Dragonstone, and introduced him to his new knights