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Daena of Houses Lannister and Targaryen is the second child of Damon Lannister and Danae Targaryen, and Princess of the Iron Throne. She was born in the dragonpit while a strange celestial phenomena heralded the arrival of the sixth era, earning her the moniker "Dragonborn."

She is described as having violet eyes and silver gold hair.


Daena has always had a difficult disposition, prompting many a nurse-- all but Wylla, in fact-- to quit her service. She demonstrated an affinity for languages at an early age and studied equally in Valyrian and the Common Tongue.

Despite possessing her mother's infamous temper, her father adored her, lavishing her with attention. In turn, King Damon Lannister was one of very few people able to manage her moods from infancy into childhood.


Damon Lannister, father

Danae Targaryen, mother

Desmond Lannister Targaryen, brother

Daenys Lannister-Targaryen, sister

Daven Lannister-Targaryen, brother