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Daeron Gargalen is a knight and castellan of Salt Shore. His brother was the late Lord Perros Gargalen while his niece, Obara Gargalen is the current lady. He was born the second and youngest son of Lord Morion Gargalen and his wife Lady Allyria.

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Daeron grew up in Salt Shore alongside his siblings Perros Gargalen and Elia Sand. He and Perros had mainly been raised by their mother, Lady Allyria whilst their father busied himself with drink and sex. When he was still a boy, Lord Morion died and Allyria became Perros' regent until he was of age. When his brother finally takes up the responsibilities of lordship, Daeron is named castellan of Salt Shore. He has many children including his eldest son, Davyn who is also a knight but suffers from a leg injury from the Dornish Civil War. He is a calm and wise man with a strong sense of humor who many people scoff off as just a drunkard.

Recent Events

Second Era

Ser Daeron serves on the front lines during the War of New Princes against Braavosi forces.

Fifth Era

Ser Daeron fights during the Yronwood rebellion and civil war. During the Battle of Yronwood, his eldest son Ser Davyn Gargalen falls off of his horse and gets injured. His leg becomes limp and thus could no longer fight.

Eighth Era

Lord Perros dies, leaving Obara in charge of Salt Shore. When Sylvia abandons her duties and pushes them off to Owen, Daeron informs Obara immediately. And when Obara nearly faints due to dehydration he takes over running Salt Shore for a short time until she gets better.


"Ser Daeron Gargalen was an interesting man, he was more carefree and lighthearted than most Dornish, always drinking his strongwine and cracking his jests. He was her late father’s younger brother and her uncle, a knight sworn to his family and to Salt Shore. He alongside her father taught Obara the in and outs of fighting, teaching her wise techniques for the battlefield. However many wouldn’t figure as much with one glance at him, with his gentle smile and tendency to drink, the man was labeled a foolish drunk. Even with that, the knight was still of her blood." - Obara thinking about her uncle Daeron as they practice in the training yard.

“You just seemed stressed. I know that it’s a hard adjustment for you after losing him so suddenly but I’m very confident that you’ll get the hang of it. You’re very bright Ob and I’m sure that if your father were still alive, he’ll be very proud of you.” - Daeron Gargalen trying to cheer his niece, Obara up.

“You know what they say, the more wealth you gain, the more problems you face.” - Ser Daeron Gargalen giving advice.