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Ser Daeron Oakheart, or  "The Swiftblade", is a knight of The Kingsguard. He is most often seen in the company of Queen Danae Targaryen


Daeron was born the second son of Lord Randyl Oakheart, of High Hall. A cold, calculating man highly involved in politics, Randyl never had much time for his second son, instead leaving him to the training yards where Daeron showed early promise with a blade. It was those early moments that Daeron learned to value speed over strength, and it stuck with him for the rest of his life. He is well renowned for his style of swordsmanship that emphasizes pure speed, thus earning him his nickname. Ser Daeron is known to be an honorable and pious man, striving to live to the standards of the great Kingsguards of old.

Important Events

First Era

House Oakheart marched under Harys Baratheon during the Battle of The Kingswood, and Daeron marched to war for the first time. He fought alongside Lord Commander Jaime Florent during the battle, and both were captured. King Damon Lannister took an intrest in the young swordsman, visiting him in the prison cells during the march back to King's Landing. By the time they arrived back to the city, Daeron had sworn his sword to the Lion, and was soon after awarded a White Cloak along with all of his new brothers-in-arms. 

Second Era

Third Era