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Dalton Greyjoy is the son of Lord Aeron Greyjoy and Lady Masha Drumm. He is Lord Paramount of the Iron Islands.

Recent History

Fourth Era

Dalton Greyjoy was born.

Fifth Era

Dalton's first word was said to be 'sea.'

Eighth Era

Dalton cut his own hand open with a knife, lying afterwards by saying it was an assassination attempt.


"From what he’d heard, it seemed [Dalton] had too much of his father in him to be well-liked by anyone. Or maybe he was just at that age when the worst of us prickles to the surface." - Jib

"He imagined for a moment what it would be like if they found him up here, frozen as solid as stone. Just one big chunk of ice so that they had to crack off his boots to pick him up from the floor. Sometimes he did feel like ice. Numb in his stomach and cold, and so that everyone looked right through him. It would not be so great a difference." - Dalton Greyjoy