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Damion Swyft is one of the brothers vying for the title 'Lord of Cornfield'. He is father to Addam, Lann and Talla Swyft.


Damion Swyft grew up in neglect. Like his brother, Denys, he was not trained in ruling but only the arts of warfare, and any paternal attention was spent on the oldest brother, Jon Swyft, who would later become Lord. As such, Damion became a bitter person, full of envy towards his brother.

Recent History

First Era

When Lord Jon Swyft and his two sons, Duncan and Jon Junior died, Damion claimed to be older than Denys, said Arthur-Jon's last remaining son-to be unfit for rule, and sought to usurp the Lordship over Cornfield. His son, Lann Swyft, prevented this together with his uncle Denys and a small militia.

Second Era

When Arthur assumed the Lordship over Cornfield Damion was once again thrown into obscurity.

Third Era

After the dissappearance of Arthur, Damion sought to once again claim Lordship over Cornfield but was stopped by his brother Denys. They now sit in an uneasy stalemate, both waiting for a chance to assume Lordship.

Sixth Era

Damion found help outside from a secretive organisation, and relations with his second son, Lann, deteriorated even more.


Jon Swyft, brother (deceased)

Mina Swyft, sister-in-law

Denys Swyft, brother

Addam Swyft, first son

Lann Swyft, second son

Talla Swyft, daughter