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King Davos Baratheon ruled from 340 to 366 AC. He was born in 319 AC and died suddenly and mysteriously of disease later in life. Some claim it was due to Steffon Lighthart and his red god.


Unlike his brother, King Edric I Baratheon, and his half-brothers, Steffon Lighthart and Cyral Lighthart, Davos (who was raised and influenced by his namesake, Davos Seaworth) followed the Seven. He was married to Jennelyn Yronwood to keep Princess Arianne Martell and her progeny in check.

Davos took kingship on the cusp of the Red Stag War and destroyed the Lighthart family line. After reclaiming the Iron Throne, Davos appeased the Realm and declared the Seven as the official religion.

His reclamation of the faith was a bloody affair with the help of a new Warrior’s Sons, Faith Militant, and Holy Hundred, which Davos led himself. The three groups spearheaded a massive reformation. Every R’hllor-sympathizing family line Stannis I Baratheon had installed was overthrown and killed, and the armies of the Seven swept the land, practically committing genocide against the Red God’s followers. An unauthorized (but unpunished) assault on the North was made, in hopes of finally ridding the Realm of all unfaithful to the Seven. However, the invasion was predictably short, stopped immediately at the Neck. The last strongholds of R’hllor were Brightwater Keep and Dragonstone. It took a year of siege to take the Florent’s hold, and Dragonstone claimed the lives of thousands who tried taking it, and only fell after the defenders ran out of food and water. The Red Stag War was a fast but brutal war, and Davos remained one of the most revered and famous Baratheon kings.

During his rule he began reconstruction of the Red Keep and the Great Sept of Baelor, and appointed an entire small council of Holy men.

Family Members

Edric Storm, father (deceased)

Shireen Baratheon, mother (deceased)

Edric I Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Jennelyn Yronwood, wife (deceased)

Trystane Baratheon, son (deceased)

Selyse Baratheon, daughter (deceased)

Olyvar Baratheon, son (deceased)

Edric II Baratheon, son (deceased)