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Ser Davyn Gargalen is a knight of House Gargalen. His father is Ser Daeron Gargalen, the castellan of Salt Shore and the younger brother to the late Lord Perros Gargalen. Lady Obara Gargalen is his slightly younger cousin as they were born just months apart within the same year.



Davyn Gargalen was born and raised in Salt Shore along with numerous siblings and cousins. Growing up, he became close with his cousin Obara and her handmaiden Myrielle Sand. The three would cause mayhem through out the keep, do poorly at lessons with Maester Humfrey and pull pranks on servants. He trained through out his young life to become a knight and once he gained his spurs, he joined his family in fighting against the rebellious upstarts in order to support Sarella Martell's rule. During the Battle of Yronwood, he fell off of his horse and got his leg trampled. As a result he became permanently handicapped, needing help of a cane in order to walk. He was forced to give up his life long dream of knighthood and turns to music as a form of therapy. Davyn is well known for being flirtatious and for being a major gossip. His instrument of choice is the lute.

Recent Events

Fifth Era

Davyn Gargalen joins the rest of House Gargalen to defend Sarella's rule during the Dornish Civil War and Yronwood Rebellion. During the Battle of Yronwood, Davyn falls off of his horse after a risky charge and his leg gets trampled over. As a result the knight became permanently crippled, needing the help of a cane in order to walk. He turns to music as a form of therapy as he still has emotional scars from the war.

Eighth Era

Davyn Gargalen talks to his younger cousin, Owen after Daeron tells him about the boy missing training. He encourages the boy to go after his dreams of becoming a maester but tells him not to rush and act his age. After finding out about Obara overworking herself, Davyn and Myrielle both surprise her with lunch in her bedchambers. He asks her about Starfall, teasing her about her relationship with Eustace Toland and new friendship with Arianne Dayne.


"It was a sad song, one filled with heartache and melancholy which drove a few of the girls to tears." - Owen as he listens to Davyn play a sad song with a lute.

"You might think you know yourself but trust me there’s always going to be something that you don’t know until you discover it. I’ve always dreamt of knighthood as a boy. Trained day and night until I’ve earned those spurs. Though soon despite accomplishing that goal, I’ve became dissatisfied and that fucking war made it worse. I still have nightmares of that battle, I still deeply regret every decision that I’ve made up until that point. I was dumb and cocky- I ran straight into the Yronwood line without a plan or a single thought! I’ve suffered because of it… Lad, just think deeply. Get to know yourself before altering your life.” - Ser Davyn telling Owen of his past and how his injury effected him.

"Those with wider mouths often have more to spill," Davyn's father, Ser Daeron jesting about his gossiping.

“You must be rather close with her if you’re calling her by her first name. I’m very impressed cousin, you’ve managed to sway two Dornish rulers! I never thought you had it in you.” - Ser Davyn teasing Obara about her friendship with Arianne Dayne.