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Denyse Cuy formerly of House Beesbury is the Lady of House Cuy, wife to Lord Leowyn Cuy as well as the sister of Lord Marq Beesbury. She has three children, Alesander, Quincy, and Robyn - all either knights or striving towards knighthood.


Denyse grew up in Honeyholt along with her brothers including Marq. She married Leowyn Cuy in order to forge stronger ties between Sunhouse and Honeyholt. As time went on however despite having three children between them, the marriage proved to be a stressful and loveless one. As escape from it, she turned to drinking and her love of painting.

Recent Events

First Era

Denyse gives birth to her youngest son, Robyn while her husband was out on campaign.

Eighth Era

Denyse tries to cheer Robyn after a confrontation with his father by giving him a sip of wine and encouraging him to draw in his sketch pad.


“Why don’t we vent your anger out? It’s not good to bottle it. I believe that your sketchbook is still floating about somewhere…” Denyse encouraging Robyn to vent his feelings through drawing.

“I should have sent you out ages ago but your mother’s fretfulness prevented me. She told me with the blight and winter that it is unsafe for a young boy to travel on his own-” Leowyn Cuy, blaming his wife for holding his plans back.