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Durran Harlaw was the Lord of House Harlaw. He was killed by Lord Aeron Greyjoy during theReaper's War


Durran the Reaper was born as Durran Storm, to the Lady of House Caron and Lord of House Harlaw. His mother, ashamed of his existence yet determined to give him a good life, sent him to be fostered at King's Landing. There, he met Harys Baratheon and trained with him regularly. Although he never gained the same repute as a jouster that Harys did, Durran remained a powerful swordsman.

When Harys rose to the throne, Durran returned to the Iron Islands. There he found his father and two half-brothers. Durran killed his first brother in a melee with a blow to the head with a battle axe. It was deemed a mistake, and life carried on. That is, until his father and brother died. It was rumored Durran dispatched of his remaining Harlaw family by throwing them into the sea, though none would claim it to his face.

As Harlaw remained unclaimed, Harys Baratheon legitimized Durran and gave him Lordship over the Ten Towers. During the second Greyjoy rebellion, much of the military planning was left to Durran.

During the rebellion, before the Battle for Lannisport, Durran sent out scouts which reported back to him with the size of the Royal Fleet. Durran then arranged for all Harlaw ships to be assigned to the reserve, forcing the last Greyjoy ships into the Vanguard. As the Royal fleet emerged over the horizon, The Harlaw ships began to move to cover all flanks. As first contact with the Royal Ships were made, Durran's ships turned inwards and began slaughtering the Iron Fleet.

During the battle, Durran reportedly shouted to Lord Damron Greyjoy , "Bend the knee and I will give you your life!" Greyjoy only replied, "We do not Sow!" Durran spread his arms and said, "And yet, I reap." He killed the Lord Greyjoy in battle, earning him the name "The Reaper," as well as the crown's favoritism. 

Important Events

First Era

Durran staged a rebellion against his Greyjoy liege lords in 500AL. He was killed in the Battle of Pyke.  


"No one amongst us would deny your prowess in battle, nor the strength of your fleet or house." - Damon Lannister


Andrik Harlaw, cousin