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Artist Portrayal of Lord Eddard Branch of Grove Keep.

Eddard Branch is the Lord of Grove Keep and Head of House Branch, after the tragic accidental deaths of his father and older brother. Sworn vassal to House Glover.


Eddard grew up as the second son of a quartet of children, growing in the harshness of the cold North as a Noble. After a tragedy of an accident claiming the lives of his Lord Father and Eldest Brother, Eddard became the current Lord of Grove Keep and the head of House Branch. The unfortunate passing of his father and brother created a rift within his family, specifically with his third brother, Barthogan, who became jealous of the windfall that fell on Eddard's lap despite both growing up as brothers and knowing that in the harshness of the North, family was and still is everything.

Named after his grandfather, Eddard was raised more a fighter than an actual lord, the Northman athletic in build with both the scars of martial training and forestry. His lord father having enough sense to have instilled in him, the love and care needed to become a proper and skilled woodsman.

Important Events

Sixth Era

Eddard has assumed the position and title of Lord due to having been second in line and has been cautious in his dealings, getting his bearings to settle into the position of Lord before heading off towards the feast of Barrowton to celebrate Lord Dustin's newborn babe, gift in hand.

Family Members

  • Willam Branch, Father (Deceased)
    • Lady Branch, Mother
      • Benjicot Branch, Brother (Deceased)
      • Barthogan Branch, Brother
      • Serena Branch, Sister


"Compared to his brothers, he was the best choice that the Absent-minded Branch chose to ignore in favor of his firstborn arrogant whelp of an ass." - Asra Grey, Advisor to Lord Eddard.