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Edmure Stark was the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. He died at the hands of his brother, Jojen Stark.


At a young age, Lord Torrhen II Stark sent Edmure off to squire for one of his wife's Tully relatives, an older knight who taught Edmure how to handle a sword. During the Bolton Uprising, Edmure received his first real taste of battle, and with a pike in his hands he and a handful of knights were able to successfully hold the crumbling left flank of King Harys Baratheon's line.

Edmure's actions during the uprising kindled his reputation for torture and cruelty.

Recent History

First Era

Lord Torrhen II Stark died near the beginning of the first era and Edmure inherited his father's titles, becoming Lord of Winterfell in his own right.

Soon after, Edmure received a raven from Lord Aemon Estermont pleading for aid against wights sighted on the shore of Cape Wrathe. Edmure, along with several horsemen, rode south, and they, along with the other lords who answered Aemon's call, fought the wights in the Battle of the Rainwood.

During the tournament at Harrenhall, Edmure drunkenly killed a Lannister squire during the archery, missing his target, and instead hitting the young man in the chest. This only served to widen the animosity between the Lannisters and the Starks, as Edmure blamed his drunkenness on Damon Lannister who had shared several cups of ale with him beforehand.

Near the end of the first era, after Damon Lannister had usurped the throne from King Harys Baratheon, a disagreement between Edmure and his brother, Jojen Stark led to a duel between the two of them. Edmure wanted to call the banners and march on King's Landing to claim the throne for himself, crushing the Lannisters and any who stood in their way, but Jojen (who had fallen in love with Thaddius Lannister) was extremely opposed. The argument was heated, and angry, and the two fought. Jojen, always the better swordsman, won. Killing Edmure and becoming Lord of Winterfell.


"Brash young fool." - Thoughts of Lord Aemon Estermont

"The Lord Paramount of the North was rumored to practice flaying, though none would dare broach the topic to his face." - Damon Lannister

Family Members

Torrhen II Stark, father (deceased)

Celia Stark, mother (deceased)

Lyanna Arryn (Formerly Stark), sister

Jojen Stark, brother

Symeon Stark, brother (deceased)

Ysela Stark, sister