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Edric Baratheon is the brother of the deceased King Harys Baratheon . He was killed by Danae Targaryen in the second era.


Edric was raised at both Dragonstone and Storms End, unlike his brothers. Edric was said to admire and love his older brother the King but also hold a deep jealousy he could not rid himself of. Many believed him to be a more skilled warrior than any of his brothers, although mostly his own circle. Edric was known to have had a short temper and did not tolerate any manner of disrespect to himself or his name.

Edric was granted the Lordship of Dragonstone by Harys, a break with tradition, as the stronghold of Stannis Baratheon was most often reserved for the heir. It was rumoured that this was to keep him away from court, Edric being more wild than his brothers and without much love for the courtly intrigues.

Dragonstone is where most of his time was spent. Edric spent his nights carousing, or dark hours brooding over the Painted Table. He was said to mostly ignore his smallfolk, and especially the charms of women, preferring to spend his days in the training yards with his knights. He never married.

Edric had coal dark hair, short and untidy, with a clipped, poorly kept goatee. He was taller than his brothers, but without the bulk of Harys, being more lean.

Important Events

First Era

Edric Baratheon held Dragonstone in the first era. Nearly all of his troops were lost in the war of the Ascent of the Lion, fighting for his brother, and Driftmark, which made up more than half of his levies defected to Damon Lannister after Varyo Velaryon wrested control of the island from his brother. The stronghold stayed unmolested through the rest of the war, with the small garrison being enough to deter the Lannister forces.

Second Era

Danae Targaryen marched her sellsword armies on Dragonstone with her dragon and killed Edric as he stood atop the walls of Dragonstone.


"Harys was a fool, Joesph was a soldier and Edric is a dead man." - Cleos Baratheon

"[Edric Baratheon] is almost piratical." - Varyo Velaryon


Harys Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Joseph Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Cleos Baratheon, brother