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King Edric Baratheon was reffered to as both “The Lucky” and “The Unlucky.” He was born in 317 AC and ruled from 334 AC until is death in 339 AC at the hands of Cyral “The Red Stag” Lighthart, an apparent bastard of Mellisandre and King Stannis Baratheon, and a claimant to the throne.


Edric was married to Cerissa Serrett, whose family’s silver mines helped fill the royal coffers during his father's rule. She bore him no children.

King Edric died at the hands of two half-uncles Cyral Lighthart and Seffon Lighthart. The Lightharts claimed to be born from Mellisandre and Stannis, therefore succeeding Edric and even his mother Shireen for the Iron Throne. Edric's death kindled the Red Stag War which ended in the apparent extinction of House Lighthart, although it is said that Steffon Lighthart escaped to Asshai to continue his line under the fabricated bastard name “Flames."

Family Members

Cerissa Serrett, wife (deceased)

Edric Storm, father (deceased)

Shireen Baratheon, mother (deceased)

Davos I Baratheon, brother (deceased)