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Edric Wylde is a member of House Wylde. He is the son of Ser Armond Wylde and the late Jeyne Lonmouth. He serves as a squire to his cousin, Jon.


The only son born to Ser Armond and his wife, Jeyne Lonmouth. Edric is the spitting image of his late mother.

At the age of ten he began to squire for his cousin, Jon, a duty he takes very seriously. Although one of the youngest of the Wylde youths, he attempts to act older than he is.

His mother died when he was seven years old, and though it was from illness, he blames his older half-brother, the bastard Addam Storm, for her getting sick, as she didn't like Addam and resented his presence around her trueborn children. He also envies Addam for being trained to take over as Master-of-Arms by their father, as he feels this should be a responsibility given to him.