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Eleanor Massey is the Lady of Stonedance. The current head of House Massey, she has ruled in her husband's place after his death, many years ago.


Eleanor Massey was born a Wendwater, before she was wed to the Lord of Stonedance. Her first husband died in a boating accident, and Eleanor claimed her position as head of the house afterwards.

After Lord Massey's death, Eleanor’s search for a second husband was no secret among those living along Massey’s Hook. Lady Massey did her best to hide the scandals, but Massey's Hook became a well traveled destination for the fishing trade. Despite the gossip around her bedroom affairs, Eleanor wed twice more, and has been widowed thrice. She spent a large time at court at King's Landing, gossiping with nobles and looking to ensnare a new husband, or at least a paramour.

In her time as the Lady of Stonedance, she had many daughters and granddaughters, all of whom she takes an active hand in dictating their lives and social roles. Using her familiarity with the ins and outs of the families of the Crownlands and court politics, she endeavored to find noteworthy marriage matches for all of her kin.

After the death of Daena Targaryen in childbirth, she hosted Danae Targaryen and her father, Maekar Targaryen, when the future Queen was only an infant. She held many balls at Stonedance during the social season, which the Targaryen family never attended.

Important Events

First Era

Second Era

Third Era

Fourth Era

Fifth Era

During the upcoming social season, Eleanor visited with Queen Danae, hoping to exert her influence upon the traditional Queen's Ball. To her great dismay, the Queen announced her intentions to cancel the ball in favor of using the funds to aid a new birthing center in the city. Eleanor attempted to humble the Queen with intimate knowledge from her childhood.

Due to her snubbing by the Queen, Eleanor attempted to organize a ball of her own at Stonedance, recruiting the aid of Wyman Sunglass. Eleanor was further stymied by the Queen when she changed her mind, hosting a grand ball in the Red Keep for nobles and smallfolk alike, and upstaging Lady Massey.

Sixth Era

Eleanor shunned the capital and returned to Stonedance, bringing Wyman Sunglass back with her as a new paramour.


"Dreadful, the thought of celibacy vows."

‘Barnacle Ben and all his brothers shoved their poles in Lady Massey’s hole.’ - Common saying among the sailors on Massey's Hook

"Eleanor was always right about everything, especially within her own household. Not only that, she always had been right about everything. She spoke with certain authority about topics which she had proclaimed the exact opposite not a week earlier, and all of her attendants and hangers-on nodded their heads without a contradictory word." - thoughts of Wyman Sunglass