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Elyana is the eldest child of Lord Olyvar and Lady Melessa Tyrell, born at the end of 505 AC. She is the heir to Highgarden.

Since she first began to speak, Elyana's father dedicated his time to personally teach his daughter the Valyrian language he studied at the Citadel.

She is headstrong and energetic, with her father's thirst for knowledge, her mother's strong will, and a prominent sense of curiosity.

Recent Events

Fifth Era

Lady Melessa Tyrell became pregnant and later gave birth to her and Lord Tyrell's first child, Elyana.

Sixth Era

Elyana grew up witnessing a blight overwhelm the lands of the Reach.

Seventh Era

Elyana started lessons with the maester of Highgarden and her governess, Septa Sarra. Her father, Olyvar Tyrell, also set time aside each week to instruct her personally. Elyana and her father grew close during their lessons.

Eighth Era

Elyana traveled to Oldtown with her father. During their extended stay in the city, they visited the Citadel and Elyana's curiosity caused her to find more trouble than knowledge- nearly destroying several artifacts during the trip, and resulting in the reaffirmation of the "No women allowed" policy of the maesters. She also accidentally collided with Edmyn Plumm while there, leading to he and her father spending the day together and developing a friendship. During the week leading up to the Lioness' Ball, Elyana began to befriend the Roxtons who knew her father.

Following the birth of her sister, her parents began splitting their time between Elyana and Alysanne and Elyana began acting out as a result. She found renewed joy in declaring herself heir, as well as in all the perks that went along with it. When her father threatened to take everything away however, Elyana halted the behavior immediately. Elyana was allowed to sit with her mother on the balcony, watching the Dornish Trade Deal negotiations occur. Amongst the houses present were the Roxtons, who Elyana continued to bond with. The heir, Renly Roxton, was granted his house's valyrian steel sword during a luncheon with all present. He swore Orphan-Maker to Elyana, becoming her sworn sword and later needed to use it in order to save her from a group of starving smallfolk, who attacked her in Highgarden's streets weeks after the negotiations.