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Elyssa Arryn is the wife of Ronnel Royce and the younger sister of Nathaniel Arryn, the Regent Lord Paramount of the Vale.



Elyssa lived a pampered life in the Eyrie. Her childhood was typical for a noblewoman of the Vale, and she was raised with a love for song and tales of romance and chivalry. She was close with her brothers.

Recent History

First Era

During the first era, Elyssa was in the Eyrie. She mourned the death of her brother James Arryn.

Second Era

Elyssa was betrothed to Ronnel Royce.

Third Era

Elyssa was named castellan of the Eyrie in her brother's absence. She proved incompetent to the task however, and was soon replaced by Ser Willas Moore.

Fourth Era

Elyssa developed a secret romance with the castle bard, a young man named Lucas. She was also the last person to speak to Alyce Connington, before she lept from the Moon Door to her death.

Sixth Era

Ellie's secret romance was eventually discovered by Nathaniel upon his return to the Eyrie, who attempted to correct the situation by fulfilling the betrothal between Elyssa and Ronnel Royce. During a resulting argument, Ellie revealed that Lucas had taken her maidenhood. Enraged, Nathaniel banished Lucas to the Wall, and Ellie revealed her lost maidenhood to her wedding guests in return.


"Idiot girl." - thoughts of Jeyne Lannister

Family Members

Rumar Arryn, Father (deceased)

Alyane Arryn, Mother (deceased)

James Arryn, brother (deceased)

Nathaniel Arryn, brother

Dake Arryn, brother