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Elza Zhak is the Mistress of the Zhak slaving family, and one of the great masters of Meereen.


Elza started her way at the bottom of her family, as the youngest Zhak sibling. She schemed her way to the top through various methods, ensuring the subservience of those who cooperated, and organising disappearances of those who would not comply. 

In the later years of her life, she withdrew from the main Zhak household, refusing to talk to anybody she did not need to, with the exception of young children.

Elza began to take these children on as her new pseudo-family, teaching them the way of slaving, and day-to-day affairs. This did not stop her from killing these very same children if they failed their assignments, or subjecting them to be regular slavery. This was the case for one of her sons, Orlos.

Recent History

Eighth Era

Elza captures a captain of a rival slaving family, the Gorares, torturing him and gaining the ire of the family. Elza meets with Azzak zo Naqqan to arrange a formal alliance, and as a start, organises the fights between fighters of both families, including Orlos fighting against Dagon Greyjoy, still under the name of Lorren. 

She revealed the existence of her trueborn son to the Naqqans in a risky move to attempt to plac eherself more directly into their politics - and possibly gain power should Jezhene Naqqan marry him.