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Emma Ironsmith is the only child of Lord Jasper Ironsmith[Deceased], making her now Lady of the Forge and head of House Ironsmith.


Emma was the only child born of her parents, Lord and Lady Ironsmith. Emma's mother died when she was just a baby shortly after giving birth to her. She spent her whole life within the lands of her father, only venturing out from their families keep, The Forge, into the vicinity of the farmlands. She grew up as close friends with House Dustin's three son's.

Recent History

Sixth Era -

At the end of the Sixth Era, Emma's father dies after a long fight with illness, leaving Emma to become Lady of House Ironsmith.

Seventh Era -

Emma holds a feast at The Forge, inviting all from the North to come and attend, where her and Lord Jack Dustin agree to join their Houses through their marriage.

While traveling from The Forge to Barrowton, she is attacked by Wildlings on the road in the middle of the night, beating one to death with a rock.


"She wears her new power well." - Thoughts of Eyron Reed

She was as he remembered her. Fair and beautiful. But this was a woman's beauty, not that of a young girl. - Lord Jack Dustin

Family Members

Jasper Ironsmith - Father[Deceased]