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Emmon Baelish was the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands at the start of the first era. He was removed after being arrested for the murder of James Arryn, Lord Paramount of the Vale. Found guilty, Emmon was thrown from the Moon Door to his death.


Emmon may have been born a second son, but he was tenfold as ambitious as his brother Petyr Baelish, and as such, murdered both his father, Robert Baelish, and his brother, Petyr, using Tears of Lys to gain his title. Shortly after, his sister, Alicent, confronted him about it, and both sister and mother denounced him.

Recent History

First Era

Emmon Baelish held a tournament at Harrenhal. During the tourney, he poisoned Lord James Arryn at the urging of Lord Rymar Royce, Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne.

Second Era

Emmon was taken as prisoner for treason by his cousin Marq Baelish when he refused to bend the knee to the Usurper, and was handed over to King Damon Lannister. The Master of Laws, Lord Nathaniel Arryn took him back to the Vale where he impisoned him in a sky cell to await trial for the murder of Nathaniel's brother. Near the end of the second era Emmon was thrown from the Moon Door having been found guilty of his crimes.

Family Members

Robert Baelish, father

Sansa Arryn, mother

Petyr Baelish, brother

Alicent Baelish, sister

Marq Baelish, cousin


" An ambitious man, Emmon was, and too ambitious, as the world knows." - Alicent, on Emmon.