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Ser Erryk Storm is the twin brother of Ser Arryk Storm. They are knights currently sworn in service to Lord Orys Connington, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

Erryk and Arryk fighting the guards of a caravan they are in the process of robbing.


Erryk and his brother Arryk were twins born to a baseborn mother who was a whore in a small village in the Stormlands. Their mother always claimed their father was a high born lord.

Always larger then the other village children they both approached six feet tall at age thirteen when they attracted the notice of a hedge knight Ser Rollum Hill. He took both boys as his squires and they left their small village in the Stormlands forever. As squires the brothers worshipped their hero, Ser Gregor Clegane the Mountain that Rides. They both earned their spurs at age seventeen when they teamed up to win the melee at a tournament at Maidenpool. They refused to fight each other and Lord Mooton dubbed them both winners. 

After earning their spurs they decided they would take on any job no matter what if the money was good enough. Growing up as bastards they have little respect for the law and soon turned to robbing fat merchants and lordlings all across the Seven Kingdoms.

Important Events

Fourth Era

In the fourth era the twins found themselves captors of Lord Cortland Darry when they were caught trying to sell goods they had stolen from a merchant outside of Darry. Rather then punishing them as thieves Lord Cortland instead offered to take the brothers into his service. The brothers helped Lord Cortland exact revenge upon his neighbor Lord Roote. Erryk and Arryk were part of a raid on the town of Rockbridge sanctioned by Lord Cortland.

After the raid on Rockridge the twins traveled with Lord Cortland to King's Landing. While there Lord Cortland was assaulted by some children in Flea Bottom causing injury to Lord Cortland's eye. In a fit of rage he ordered the twins to execute the children which they did with no hesitation. After the children's murder the twins fled King's Landing. On their travels the twins heard of the outbreak of the War of the False King and they rode to Storm's End to enter the service of Lord Orys Connington.