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Euron Goodbrother is the current Lord of Shatterstone and the head of the branch of House Goodbrother of the same name. He is the widower to Arwyn Drumm, who died at sea due to complications as a result of birthing their child, a son, Tristifer.

Euron is tall in stature, with dark hair and a rough beard. The grief from his wife's death still affects him but he still a possesses a wild, if sometimes serious, personality. He is an able warrior and puts a lot of time in his marital skills.


Euron was born on the island of Old Wyk in his family's castle of Shatterstone, into one of the lesser branches of House Goodbrother. His father, Gorold Goodbrother had always resented the main branch of Goodbrothers and wanted to see his own branch be their equals, a want that was then passed on to Euron.

Growing up, he spent much of his time training with his brother, Harren, and found common ground in their love for battle, leading them to be close friends. As a young man, he met and then married Arwyn Drumm daughter of Lord Drumm.

Euron would finally see war during the Reaper's War where he and his house fought in favour of the Harlaw rebels and his wife fought alongside him in the early months of the war, until it became apparent she was with child. As the conflict drew to a close, she gave birth to Tristifer, and died soon after due to complications.

Eigth Era