Lord Eyron Cerwyn, eldest son of the late Lord Medger Cerwyn. He is 24 years old and has been a lord from a young age. Due to the death of his father by a bear during a hunt.

Appearance Edit

Eyron has a muscular build. He has medium long black hair and piercing light-blue eyes. He also has a strong jawline and a short beard. He is described as a man of imposing stature.

History Edit

Eyron spent his entire childhood either in Castle Cerwyn or at Winterfell where he and his father visited often due to the short amount of time it took to travel there. When he was 16 he and his father went out hunting. They were attacked by a large bear and his father was killed. Eyron managed to kill the bear but not without suffering some wounds himself. When he recovered he went to Winterfell to renew his oath to house Stark. After this he ruled in relative peace only dealing with bandits now and again.

Seventh Era Edit

Eyron hears news that lady Stark will be returning to Winterfell. Eyron prepares to depart to the Castle to renew his vows.

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