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Ser Flement Lefford is a knight of the Kingsguard.


Flement became a knight of the Kingsguard after winning the joust at the Tournament of the Hand. He is referred to as a "knight of Goldentooth," and described as having an arrogant and bored demeanor. Garrison Lefford recalls that he did not get along well with others as a youth in the Westerlands.

Recent History

Third Era

Flement travelled to King's Landing in hope of earning glory in the Tourney of the Hand, an event hosted in celebration of Lord Nathaniel Arryn's new position on the Small Council. After winning a joust against Ser Quentyn of Tarth, the two had an altercation. Later, Flement won the joust and, upon doing so, requested to become a member of the Kingsguard in order to vex Ser Quentyn.

Sixth Era

In the sixth era, after an altercation with the Lord Commander over Damon's drinking, the King switched Ser Ryman and Ser Flement's positions, choosing the Lefford as his guard by day and banishing Sunglass to the night shift.


"Ser Flement is a capable sword." - Damon Lannister

"The boy is quick with a sword, but he had some difficulty making friends at home, if I recall. Got into a few fights with the other lads in the training yard, but none that he couldn't win, so I suppose there's that." - Garrison Lefford

"If you wish to be remembered alongside any of your hallowed brothers, I suggest learning which commands not to obey. A difficult lesson, but one you may yet grasp, if you ever reach as many years as I have. Or do nothing, and be forever remembered as Ser Flement the Flatterer.” - Aemon Estermont