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Garth Bulwer is a knight of House Bulwer of Blackcrown. Not being a direct heir to House Bulwer, he had been competing in tourneys across the Reach before the Ascent of the Lion and then succeeding Blight happened.


Garth Bulwer is the cousin to the current Lord of House Bulwer. He was knighted at 18 years old, a year before the Ascent of the Lion began. He fought for House Hightower in the war, regretfully taking part in the Sack of Highgarden.

Important Events

Eighth Era

Garth was in Oldtown, recruiting knights for his retinue when the Council of the Reach took place. He met with Olyvar Tyrell in an attempt to receive his endorsement, but was soundly denied. This didn't stop Garth, however. He went on to gather a rather large group of hedge knights and bastards who believed him when he spoke fanatical ideas and claimed them to be the word of House Tyrell. With his gathered men, he began spying on the Hightowers and plotting their downfall.

At the Lioness' Ball, Garth was in attendance with several of his knightly followers. There, he met Margaery Roxton through Lord Tyrell. Margaery and he shared a glass of wine. Olyvar and Margaery secretly poisoned the wine with Tears of Lys prior to the meet up, unbeknownst to Garth.

Following the ball, Garth fell deathly ill. Olyvar Tyrell visited Garth where he coerced the Bull into revealing his true plans- to assassinate Loras Hightower in order to destabilize Ashara's rule over the Reach. He died choking on his own blood shortly after the visit.