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Ghael is the Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne, an ex-slave formerly of Lorath. He appears to be in his mid forties.


Ghael was born Quhuru Qhoqua in Tall Trees Town in the Summer Islands, but was taken as a slave by a raiding party when he was seven years old and sold in Volantis, where he was given the name Ghael. At age fourteen Ghael saw an opportunity to flee the city. He struggled as a beggar and thief in the various cities for a few years, always trying to escape Volantenes who might recognize his mark, before hearing that slavery was illegal in Lorath. Ghael made his way there, doing work for people for beds and food along the way.

Once in Lorath, Ghael began insinuating himself into the confidence of one of the magisters, who saw his promise as a politician and an agent of espionage. When Ghael was thirty, his mentor died, and Ghael entered the Lorath political scene on his own. Ghael relied on the contacts he had made during his flight across the free cities to give him intelligence that he could use to his own advantage or sell to others for their gold, secrets, assistance, or favor. He earned a reputation as reliable, resourceful, and quick in his dealings and as his reputation grew in Lorath it began to spread across the Free Cities. Ghael is married to a Lorathi woman, Qara H'ran, and they have a newborn son, Jhalabar.

Important Events

Fifth Era

Ghael came under attack from unknown Lorathi forces seeking to gain power in the city, forcing him to flee to the outskirts with his family.

Andrey Martell (then Andrey Sand), who had been sent to Essos by Sarella Martell to find a new Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne after Rymar Royce's disappearance, met with an agent of Ghael's, Thoros, who had intended to hire the bastard of Dorne as an informer. Instead, Andrey offered the position of Master of Whisperers to Ghael. Andrey's offer was poorly received until an attack by the same forces that targeted he spymaster in Lorath threatened Ghael's son and wife. Motivated by Andrey's promise that the crown could protect his family, Ghael accepted the offer.

Ghael was met poorly by King Damon Lannister, whose distrust of Essosi (and Dorne) made him unhappy with the new spymaster. As a first assignment, King Damon had Ghael find all those the High Septon might have told about Damon's true parentage and have them killed. Ghael complied, personally dealing with the Bejeweled One himself in the Great Sept.

Family Members

Qara H'ran, wife

Jhalabar Qhoqua, son