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The Golden Company was a company of sellswords founded by the Great Bastard, Bittersteel. They were considered the largest, most famous, and most expensive sellsword or mercenary company in the Free Cities. Despite the notorious unreliability of sellswords, the Golden Company was reputed to have never broken a contract. Their motto was "Our word is good as gold."

 After the Ascent of the Lion, the Golden Company was given land in the Crownlands in exchange for swearing themselves to the Iron Throne.

Important Events

First Era

Lord Gylen Hightower contracted with the Golden Company and used some of the men to sack Highgarden, sending the others to serve the Lannisters in the battles of the Ascent of the Lion.

Second Era

The Golden Company was brought out of exile and given land in the Crownlands in exchange for their loyalty to the Iron Throne.

Third Era

The Kingswood Cloaks were compiled of refugees from the Spring Without Sun and former soldiers sworn to the Golden Company.

Notable Members

Robert Manderly

Brandon Snow