Halfjon Umber

Jon "The Halfjon" Umber was a member of the kingsguard for King Harys Baratheon

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. He was the younger brother of Forrest Umber and youngest son of Lord Brandon Umber of The Last Hearth.


At the age of four and ten, Halfjon realized that he would get nothing in terms of birthright and claims from his father or The Last Hearth, so he traveled south with his brother. He ended up enlisting in several Tourneys throughout the Riverlands and The Reach. During the Tourney at Castle Darry at the age of six and ten, Halfjon won the melee. Damon Lannister recalls being unseated by a young, plainly armored Jon Umber during this tourney as well.

He joined King Harys Baratheon's Kingsguard in the year 499 AC.

Recent History

First Era

Halfjon fought alongside King Harys Baratheon during the Ascent of the Lion, and died during the final battle of the Kingswood.


"Some jumped-up Northman, half as much direwolf as giant." - Loren Lannister describing Jon


Brandon Umber, father (deceased)

Forrest Umber, brother (deceased)

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