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Harlon of House Bracken is the second son of Lord Bracken of Stone Hedge. He is 17 years old.

Harlon Bracken at 17 years old.


Harlon was born at Stone Hedge in the Riverlands to Lord and Lady Bracken. He is the second of 4 sons of Lord Bracken.

He is generally considered not as handsome as his brothers.

Harlon grew up in the castle of Stone Hedge and was, therefore, trained at arms. Nevertheless, he is not a skilled swordsman or archer, but he is nearly unbeatable in a wrestling match.

Recent Events

Third Era

He previously served as his father's squire at Stone Hedge. After the opening conflict of the Blackwood-Bracken fued, Harlon was named squire to his uncle, Ser Raynald.


  • Lord Walder Bracken, his father, age 50
  • Lady Shella Bracken, his mother, age 41
  • Ser Walder Bracken, "Red Walder", his elder brother, age 19
  • Bryon Bracken, his younger brother, age 16
  • Brandon Bracken, his youngest brother, age 13
  • Selyse Bracken, his sister, age 10
  • Ser Raynald Bracken, his uncle, age 45
  • Ser Meryn Bracken, his cousin, age 19