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Harren is a bastard of House Ironmaker.


Harren was born as to a lonely fisherwoman on the coast of Seagarde. While he did not know of his noble roots, his mother did. He spent most of his years living a simple life with her, fishing and traveling to nearby villages to sell said fish. His mother worried much more for her son's future than he ever would.

Important Events

Fifth Era

Harren was very interested in the faith of the seven and had even considered the life of a septon before his mother revealed to him who his father might have been. This revelation led him to quickly use all the money he had saved and earned to buy a small, very old ship and sail to the isles. He almost drowned during this trip, causing him to develop a fear of water.

Once he arrived to the isles, he was struck with the brutal truth of how his ancestry was - pillagers who took instead of making, people who were tough and cold. He is currently drifting about the isles, planning his leave after confirming his ancestry.