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Helicent with her hair dyed blue.

Wife of Lucifer Blackmont.


Born an Uller of Hellholt, Helicent married Lucifer and became lady Blackmont. She had two children by him. Helicent often likes to dye her hair different colours and tries to match them with her outfit. She has a stormy relationship with her husband.

Important Events

Eighth Era

When Lucifer hurt his arm with snake venom, Helicent had two of her personal maids nurse him back to health. She joined her husband to Starfall to represent House Blackmont in the trade negotiations. She made Lucifer sleep outside their chambers because he was drunk. Later, some lords confided in her about her husband's awful behaviour. Helicent relayed this information to Lucifer's mother, the matriarch and ruler of House Blackmont who disciplined her husband. This created a small rift between the couple.

She warned her husband of the catspaw who snuck in their chambers to kill them and later helped subdue him for questioning.

The two then returned to Starfall to finalise the trade negotiations with a marriage pact between Vorian Blackmont and Ashara Dayne. Unfortunately with Ashara missing, Helicent suggested a marriage with the older Dayne sister, Lady Arianne.


Lucifer Blackmont, husband

Vorian Blackmont, brother in law

Daemon Blackmont, son

Lucinda Blackmont, daughter