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House Cuy of Sunhouse is a noble house in the Reach that are sworn directly to House Hightower of Oldtown. Their seat of Sunhouse also known as Sunflower Hall lies in the southern coast of the Reach, near the Redwyne Straits, southeast of Oldtown in the Town of Cuy. The Town of Cuy, is where the family derives their name from. The current head of House Cuy is Leowyn Cuy.


Their sigil is six yellow sunflowers on a field of blue.

Seat: Sunhouse


Sunhouse also known to many as Sunflower Hall, gets its name from the sunflowers that both surround the keep and provide the chief of House Cuy's income. It lies in the middle of the Town of Cuy, on a small full of sunflowers over looking the town and ports. The keep itself along with much of the surrounding architecture of the town, is built with white stone bricks with blue slated roofs.

Prior to First Era:

House Cuy can trace their ancestry back to Andal adventurers who were given wives by the Three Sage Kings of House Gardener.

Recent Events:

First Era

During the Ascent of the Lion, House Cuy aligns themselves with the Lannisters as well as their lieges House Hightower and fight to dethrone House Baratheon as well as House Tyrell from the paramountcy of the Reach. As a result Gylen Hightower becomes Lord Paramount. Lord Leowyn's youngest son, Robyn is born while he was away on campaign.

Fourth Era

Gylen Hightower declares himself King of the Reach after a falling out with the Crown. In turn, House Cuy pledges their loyalty to House Hightower and proceed to fight against the Crown and the Ironborn along the coasts. This war came to be known as the War of the False King and both Leowyn and his eldest son Alesander fight in it with Alesander being knighted in the midst of the conflict.

Eighth Era

Due to the blight, Leowyn becomes more sickly and malnourished although still keeping up with his duties. Ser Quincy Cuy is among those who help to distribute rations to the townsfolk. Some time in the beginning of the era, Alesander's second child and heir is born, Leo Cuy who is named after his grandfather. Rumors begin to circulate that Quincy Cuy has a mistress despite the fact that they actively avoids marriage or courtship which prompts Robyn to go and investigate. After finding a chemise under Quincy's bed, taunting his brother, and tossing the garment out of a window, Robyn ends up harshly scolded by Leowyn before being told that he'll be sent off to squire a knight in Oldtown.

Notable Members:


"Their most praised had been of course their towering sunflowers which the economy of Cuy was heavily dependent on. Fields of sunflowers surrounded their bustling town for miles like an endless sea of golden yellow. Now, though, the deathly grasp of blight and frost had choked the life out of those blooms." - Robyn as he gazes out of the window looking down on the courtyard.