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House Gargalen of Salt Shore is a noble house of Dorne, sworn to House Martell of Sunspear. Their seat of Salt Shore lies along the coast of the Summer Sea on Dorne's southern coast. The current head of House Gargalen is Obara Gargalen.

Their sigil is a red cockatrice on gold with a black snake in its beak while their words are 'Mind Our Gaze'. House Gargalen has had a long history of being a very martial house, specializing in warfare and having pride in justice.

Seat: Salt Shore

The castle and its town of the same name lies on the southern coast of Dorne along the Summer Sea. It lies west of Lemonwood, south of Godsgrace, and east of Hellholt. Its keep lies along the coast with large arches and windows made from colored glass. The keep itself is made from blocks of sandstone that's native to the region. The Head of House Gargalen's seat is carved from yew wood and is cushioned with marigold silk pillows. The castle guard is headed by Myrielle Sand, a former handmaiden of Lady Obara Gargalen. Both men and women have been trained to fight in honor of House Gargalen's Rhoynish roots.

There are several small villages and towns that dot along the shore and around wells, oases, and salt mines - the largest being Salt Shore where Salt Shore castle is located. The castle and its surrounding lands are named for its abundance in salt. There are several salt mines, including the newest one, the largest found so far located in the western part of their lands. The region produces two types of salt, one that's mined at the shore that's better for preserving while the salt mined in the hills is used for seasoning. Other known resources include blood oranges, olives, dates, lemons and pearl millet. Salt Shore is also known for wine making with its grapes producing a strong sour red variety.

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Recent Events:

Fifth Era

House Gargalen answers the call to banners of House Martell to end the rebellion caused by House Yronwood with Lord Perros Gargalen leading their forces. Obara Gargalen, then the heir gains the trust of Eustace Toland and Lucifer Blackmont. She helps to lead an attack on Skyreach. Ser Davyn Gargalen suffers a crippling leg injury during the Battle of Yronwood when he falls off of his horse and is trampled. As a result he uses a crane in order to walk. Perros Gargalen grants Myrielle Sand the role of castle guard due to her bravery during the conflict.

Eight Era

Lord Perros Gargalen dies suddenly from a horse riding accident forcing his eldest daughter Obara to take up the lordship. Obara answers the invitation by Lady Arianne Dayne and travels to Starfall with Eustace Toland to negotiate a trade deal between Dorne and the Reach. While Obara is away, her younger sister Sylvia neglects watching after the keep and forces Owen Gargalen to do her duties. Once Obara discovers this upon her return, she commands Sylvia to go to Sunspear as Sarella Martell invited them to spend winter in her court. Ravella Gargalen suffers a miscarriage and becomes bedridden.

Notable Members:

  • Elia Sand - Bastard of Salt Shore, younger half sister of Perros
  • Her Husband - an olive farmer
  • Various paramours
    • Jocasta
    • Alyse Sand
    • Several other children


“Family isn’t just blood. Family is the friends that we make as well. You might be Dornish and I was born in the heart of the Reach but when I stepped foot onto this keep all of those years ago, I swore an oath to House Gargalen and I fully intend on keeping it to the bloody end. Family sticks together, no matter what.” - Maester Humfrey telling Obara Gargalen of his loyalty to House Gargalen.

"But that being said, what was the line between duty and morality? What was good for the rest of the realm might not be good for House Gargalen or even Dorne. There’s a fine balance in that." - Obara Gargalen mulling over her decision to join in with the trade talks with House Dayne.