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House Inchfield is a minor noble house from the Reach. Their seat is the castle of Inchfield in the northern Reach.

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Seat: Inchfield

Inchfield is located on an open plain in the far north of the Reach, near the border with the Westerlands. Their closest neighbors are House Roxton of the Ring to the east and House Wythers to the north.

The castle is round in shape and small in size, surrounded by a circular crenellated wall with several defensive towers along it's length. The gatehouse is located on the south side, and is little more than a passage no longer than a typical destrier and barely taller than a mounted knight of average height. The main courtyard contains several buildings including stables to the east, barracks for the household guard along with kennels to the west, and a high, wide stair that leads up to the entrance to the circular keep between two round defensive towers. Behind the barracks are the training yards, and past the training yard, connected to the castle proper is the armory and a small forge.

Important Events

First Era

House Inchfield, under Lord Theomore Inchfield, fought for House Tyrell on the side of King Harys Baratheon during the Ascent of the Lion. Lord Inchfield received a wound to his leg during a battle that never properly healed, but survived the war and subsequent ousting of House Tyrell and House Baratheon.

Third Era

House Inchfield again backed a losing side in a war, siding with Gylen Hightower during the War of the False King. Unable to fight due to his wound from the Ascent, Lord Theomore's sons Domeric and Harys were knighted and send along with House Inchfield's levies to join with Gylen's forces at Old Oak, where they were defeated and captured in battle. Ralf Flowers, bastard brother to Lord Theomore, survived the battle and rejoined later with Gylen's supporters at Horn Hill, though he was killed in battle.

Fifth Era

At the end of the war, House Inchfield swore their allegiance to House Lannister Targaryen, in exchange for the release of Domeric and Harys.

Sixth Era

Ser Domeric lead a small force of House Inchfield's men to aid House Appleton against a peasant uprising that began with the murder of Jamie Ball. After the uprising was put down, House Inchfield attended the Appleton Tourney, where Domeric won the joust. Harys Inchfield, Lord Theomore's heir, was killed in an accident during the melee.

Notable Members

Domeric Inchfield