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House Jast of Three Lions is one of the Noble Houses of the Seven Kingdoms as well as being a prominent house of the Westerlands. Their seat is Three Lions, though another branch exists that is based in an area near Golden Tooth. Their sigil is an inverted pall between three lion's heads, yellow on black. Their official motto is "We Surround." The Jasts reigned as petty kings until conquered by House Lannister and subsequently House Targaryen. The Jasts are a very wealthy House due to their profitable gold mine and also have lordship over several small towns. Members of the family tend to have dirty brown to dark brown hair with light blue to sapphire blue eyes.

Seat: Three Lions

Three Lions is the main seat of House Jast as well as being a decently sized castle. House Jast has built it to be in the direct center of it's lands, with a direct view of the forests to the south and the hills to the east. It's built in a mountain with the top of the mountain cut off to make way for a courtyard and summer dining area. There are still several viable gold producing mines in the hill.

Important Events

Prior to the First Era

After the War of the Five Kings, House Jast was continued through it's unbroken main line by Lord Antario Jast.

House Jast supported House Lannister in the wars they've been recently called to support them in, including the Ascent of the Lion.

Eighth Era

Lord Tybond Jast died of old age, resulting in his firstborn son Gerion Jast returning home and claiming the lordship. Lancel Jast, cousin to the main branch returned to Three Lions as a result of this.

Notable Members