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House Manderly of White Harbor is a noble family in the North whose seat is the New Castle in the city of White Harbor. Unlike most other northern houses, the Manderlys follow the Faith of the Seven instead of the old gods, as the family originated in the Reach.

The Manderlys' blazon is a white merman with dark green hair, beard and tail, carrying a black trident, over a blue-green field. Their motto is "True to our word"

The Lord of White Harbor, Wyman Manderly, influences all lands and houses east of the mouth of the White Knife, from Widow's Watch and Ramsgate to the Sheepshead Hills and the headwaters of the Broken Branch, where the Manderly silver mines are located. This includes Houses Locke, Woolfield, and Flint of Widow's Watch.

Seat: New Castle

The New Castle is the seat of House Manderly within the city of White Harbor in the North.

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White Harbor is a harbor city in the North which contains the New Castle, the seat of House Manderly. Located south of Winterfell, it is the largest settlement north of the Neck, but the smallest among the five major cities of Westeros. White Harbor is the North's primary trade port. Its location on the mouth of the White Knife provides opportunities for trade further north.

Due to its location White Harbor has more contact with the south and there are more knights and followers of the Faith of the Seven in White Harbor than anywhere else in the North. There are some followers of the old gods, but most follow the Faith.The city has access to good fishing grounds and is also the home of many silversmiths.

Seat: Highgarden

Robert Manderly, former commander of the Golden Company, was given Highgarden and married to Meredyth Tyrell as a reward for his invovlement in the War of the Ascent of the Lion. When it was discovered that he was having an affair with Queen Aeslyn Targaryen, he was assassinated and the castle fell back into the hands of the last Tyrells while his son came of age. 

Important Events

First Era

Willas Manderly was known for very rash and outlandish behavior, he was the son of Wendell Manderly, who predeceased his father Bartimus Manderly by a few years. After Bartimus death, Willas inherited the seat. However he only reigned for a few months and died of a burst belly. Leaving the seat to his younger brother (skipping over his twin Robert Manderly) Wyman Manderly.

Robert Manderly had long become the Lord commander of the golden company and aided Damon Lannister during the Ascent of the Lion.

Third Era

Wyman Manderly marries a rich merchant's daughter from Pentos. He dies of a fever. His cousin, Androw Manderly inherits the seat and expels the wife and her foreign friends by delegitimizing her alleged son by Wyman and labelling him a bastard.

Notable Members

Wyman Manderly, Former Lord of White Harbor

Willas Manderly, Former Lord of White Harbor

Androw Manderly, current Lord of White Harbor

Bryen Manderly Lord Commander of the fleet

Cerrick Manderly Castellan of New Castle

Bella Manderly sister to Androw

Leona Manderly, sister to Androw