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House Myre of Harlaw is a noble house from the island of Harlaw in the Iron Islands. They are vassals of House Harlaw. They blazon their arms with ten nooses, 4-3-2-1, black on white with a border of blood. Once bitter foes, the Myres were eventually defeated by the Harlaws.

Seat: Greenhill Hall

The ancestral seat of house Myre is named after the green hill it rests upon. From the portvillage below a path spirals up around the hill To the gatehouse, which features an iron portcullis. The walls of Greenhill Hall form a circle, in the middle of which the large tower the Myres reside in is situated. The tower counts five stories and a basement. In addition the armory, the barracks, the kitchens, the stables and the maester's residence are also situated inside the walls.

The portvillage lies north of Greenhill Hall, and is one of four settlements found on Myre lands.

Important Events

First era:

House Myre fought under house Harlaw in the Reaper's War in 500AC. The battle of Pyke was lost, and ultimately the war. For the part it played in the uprising, all of house Myre's ships suited for war got seized by the Greyjoys.

Notable Members

Jon Myre