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House Paege is a knightly house from the Riverlands. House Paege was sworn to House Baelish. During the Ascent of the Lion House Paege went into exile, presumed extinct, prior to the fall of House Baelish. The sigil of House Paege is twining red-and-white snakes on black

Former Seat: Threewalls

The former seat of House Paege was Threewalls, a small fort located a short distance from Harrenhal. Threewalls used to be an outpost before the house's rise to power. Once they were landed the outpost was quickly fortified with three large walls centering a large tower. The tower's height over the walls led to Threewalls being known as the Fang. Since House Paege's fall Threewalls has become host to various bandits, falling into a state of disrepair.

Important Events

Prior to the First Age

The previous, and last official, head of House Paege, Ser Dran Paege rose to lead his house in 471AC following the death of his father to disease. Dran was a staunch loyalist to the Baelish and groomed such feeling into his family. As the Baelish rose to power, their vassals stood to gain and Dran ensured his sons would keep up this belief, to the betterment of the house. He fathers five children three sons, Dake, Dalbridge, and Dayfn, twin of Harra. And two daughters, Harra and Sarra.

First Age

Ascent of the Lion

As the Ironborn ravage the Riverlands, House Paege remains loyal to the overlord. The youngest son of House Paege, Dafyn, is slain by the Ironborn, leading Dran to retaliate in an efforts to defend the people of the Riverlands from the assault. House Paege's petitions for aid from Harrenhal to fight this threat, but no help arrives. Ultimately House Paege is overrun by the Ironborn and the house is left in tatters. Ser Dran Paege is slain defending Threewalls, and Dake is slain as he, Dalbridge, his mother, and his sisters flee. With Threewalls left abandoned and the head of House Paege slain, House Paege is assumed extinct.

Notable Members

Dran Paege - Deceased

Myranda Paege

Dake Paege - Deceased

Sarra Paege

Dalbridge Paege

Dafyn Paege - Deceased

Harra Paege