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House Redwyne of the Arbor is one of the main noble houses who swore to Highgarden throughout history. Later they became House Hightower's most loyal vassal.

Their seat is the Arbor, an island south of the Whispering Sound, along the Redwyne Strait.

Redwyne is a powerful house with strong ties to the Tyrells and Hightowers

The Redwyne fleet provides a significant portion of the fleet of the Reach, owning 200 warships and five times as many merchant vessels.

Their blazon is a burgundy grape cluster on blue, symbolizing the famed wines of the Arbor. Members of the house tend to be freckled and red of hair.

Their House words are "Ripe for Victory"

Seat: The Arbor

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The Arbor is a golden island off the southwestern-most part of Westeros, ruled by House Redwyne. It is considered part of the Reach, and is separated from the mainland by the Redwyne Straits. It is protected by the Redwyne fleet, the largest fleet of the Seven Kingdoms.

The port town of Ryamsport is located on the Arbor, as well as the settlements of Vinetown and Starfish Harbor. Smaller islands in the vicinity of the Arbor include Stonecrab Cay, the Isle of Pigs, the Mermaid's Palace, Horseshoe Rock, and Bastard's Cradle. The Arbor and its surrounding isles are an excellent center for shipbuilding and wine trade.

The Arbor is known for making the best wine in Westeros, especially a terrific red one and a gold wine. Wine from the Arbor is usually sweeter than wine from Dorne. Tourneys held at the Arbor are restricted to knights.

The Redwynes ancestral keep is the Vineyard located on the hills above Vinetown. House Redwyne grows its personal supply of grapes here. It is also a formidable keep, dating back to the First Men founder, Gilbert of the Vines.

Ryam's House in Ryamsport is a mansion owned by the Redwynes. The family use it as a vacation home as well as when they visit the Redwyne Fleet.

Important Events

First Era

Garlan Redwyne passes away in a tragic accident at sea, making Ferment Redwyne the heir of their father, Lord Hobor Redwyne.

The Redwyne's sided with House Hightower, House Lannister, and others in the war of the Ascent of the Lion. They rebelled against the Baratheons and helped Gylen Hightower ascend to Lord Paramount of the Reach.

Second Era

Lord Hobor dies of old age and Ferment becomes Lord of the Arbor.

Third Era

The Citadel elected Archmaester Paxtor Redwyne to be the next Grand Maester of the Iron Throne.

Fourth Era

Ferment Redwyne was named Hand of the King in the Reach for Gylen Hightower. 

Fifth Era

After the war was lost, Ferment lost his sword hand and his brother Clement imprisoned and tortured. They were later executed for treason. Their uncle, Morgryn Redwyne inherited the Arbor.

Ironborn led by the Greyjoys destroyed the Redwyne Fleet and began a years long occupation of the Arbor.

The blight began to appear in the Arbor.

Sixth Era

Seventh Era

The Ironborn are ordered to leave the Arbor. All the vineyards and orchards of the Arbor are affected by the blight, Arbor Wine is no longer able to be produced or sold.

Notable Members

Grand Maester Paxtor Redwyne

Ferment Redwyne

Morgryn Redwyne

Arryk Redwyne