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House Roxton of the Ring is a noble house of the Reach, descended from Andal adventurers. They reside in The Ring, a fortress located on the Reach-Westerland border.

They have traditionally been loyal to Highgarden, so much so that this loyalty is reflected in their words, 'Bound by Oath'.

Seat: The Ring

The Ring, the ancestral seat of House Roxton stands proudly in the fields of the Reach, as it has done since the days of the Three Sage Kings. The fortress gained its name from near perfectly circular grey walls that surrounded a stout castle. The Ring itself is situated atop a hill, with a small(ish) village, Girdle, nestled amongst the smaller hills surrounding The Ring. Once, it had been a fearsome stronghold on the border of the Kingdom’s of the Rock and the Reach, now it hosts some of the Reach’s best jewellers.


House Roxton is of Andal descent, having come to Westerosi shores during the reigns of the Three Sage Kings. After given lands, they swore loyalty to Highgarden, giving birth to their house words,'Bound by Oath'. They built their fortress of the Ring on the border between the Reach and the Westerlands, and were a militarily strong house, until Aegon's Conquest. Upon the extinction of House Gardner, the Roxton's pledged their oath to House Tyrell. They opted to turn their skill making weapons and armour to making jewellery of all kinds, now that the danger of the Westerlands was rendered a moot point. After the War of the Five Kings, House Roxton remained loyal to their Tyrell overlords, their sons serving as squires to the Lord's of Highgarden on occasion.

During the early 400's, a bastard of House Roxton, Ossifer Flowers, later known as 'Bluechains', terrorised Roxton territory for half a decade, before being executed for his crimes by his brother, the then Lord Roxton. 

A son of Lord Mace Roxton, Arthur, chose to join the Citadel, allowing his younger brother, Jonothor Roxton, to succeed their father. 

During the War of the False King, Jonothor sustained a serious wound, one that effectively crippled the man.

Recent Events

Eighth Era

The members of House Roxton travelled to the Ball hosted by Ashara Lannister at the Hightower in 512 A.C. Whilst at the Ball, Jonothor and his eldest daughter, Margaery worked together with Olyvar Tyrell to poison Garth Bulwer with Tears of Lys. Another of Lord Jonothor's daughters, Jocelyn made fast friends with the heiress of Highgarden, Elyana. During the return to the Ring, Jocelyn's twin sister, Alicent attempted to strangle Margaery in a fit of paranioa.